In a digital environment in constant change, make the difference between the obsolescence of one of its equipment and its performance can be difficult to distinguish. How to know if your equipment is still up-to-date or needs a simple update?

Here you’ll find advices and situations that can help you to know if it’s time to invest.

Evaluate your equipment

Once a year, it’s important to check your equipment and evaluate its productivity.

Does your equipment make you earn money or on the contrary cost you money? If you recently had an expansion, will your current equipment be enough for your growing demand?

Few questions to ask yourself for a prospective future investment.

Equipment maintenance

Does your equipment make you waste your time? It needs maintenance, make you waste time towards your patients or makes you report important actions of your practice (invoices edition, quotes, statement of accounts…)? It might be a sign of obsolescence and that you need to invest in a new machine.

Safety not up to date

Safety rules for an equipment, especially in the healthcare field are not to be neglicted. These standards evolve constantly and manufacturers never stop increasing their security. A new important safety feature just comes out, it might be time to get this newest option.

Obsolete consumables and componants

A piece of your equipment just broke or doesn’t work anymore and you can’t find it anywhere? It might be a sign that your equipment is getting old and that you might actually need to replace the whole equipement instead.

Ask your employees

If you are not the one that use the machine daily, you may ask the people who does. Ask them if they find it efficient enough and they might be also able to tell you what are the pieces that need to be replaced or that can be fixed more easily to improve its performance.

With all these questions you realize that your equipment is obsolete and it’s time to renew it? Lease vs. Loans : learn more about those two types of financing for your new piece of medical equipment.

Ask one of MediCapital financing consultants for more information.

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