Financing medical equipment


These days, having the medical equipment to provide the best care for a patient is invaluable for any healthcare practitioner. It also lets you quickly set yourself apart from the competition and increase your profit margin over time.

But this investment is still a major budgetary hurdle. That’s why we offer financial plans that are tailored to your needs and your financial reality.


Leasing medical equipment is an excellent financial tool.

  • You don’t have to dip in to your capital
  • It’s flexible and adaptable
  • It takes into account your financial situation
  • You can grow your practice at your own pace
  • It will help you provide your customers with a wide range of services
  • You will have access to state-of-the-art equipment
  • You can make low monthly payments and benefit from delayed and progress payments

Leasing will help you maintain your line of credit to manage your short-term needs like buying supplies or to help you get through a difficult period.

A lease to support your operations and their management

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