Despite your know-hows and the advanced technologies that now reduce a lot the pain, numerous patients are still anxious and/or nervous thinking on going at the dentist.

To make disappear this « fear of the dentist », british researchers have imagined a virtual reality headset to reduce the patients’s anxiety. Instead of paying attention to the dentist intervention or their pain, the patients with a virtual reality headset on, are immersed into natural landscapes or on the beach, an invitation to relax.

The results of a study with people wearing an headset and another without, showed that the ones with one, were more relaxed during the dentist’s intervention, and didn’t feel the same pain intensity than the others.

Through these encouraging results, researchers went even further, wanting to know which content broadcasted will be the more relaxing. The Ocean fresh air and the beach seem to be the best landscapes for the patients well-being.

These positive results are even beneficial for patients than dentists because happy and relaxed patients will be a good communication for your practice and they will easily come back.

If you’d like to purchase these virtual reality headsets for your practice, don’t forget to ask yourself the good questions for their financing.

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