Starting a
medical practice


Want to open your own clinic? Looking for a way to finance it?

There are a lot of details to manage with a startup project, including clinic design, architecture, legal concerns, equipment purchases, and hiring. With MediCapital, everything is a breeze because we lighten the load.

MediCapital can give you a loan or a lease depending on the situation, your needs, and your corporate structure.

  • Benefit from a delayed down payment (capital and interest)
  • Eliminate additional collateral

“When I finished university, MediCapital was one of my first contacts. I spoke with my accountant, and he strongly advised me to do business with MediCapital to get quick and easy financing will no additional collateral. They’re real pros!”

Jean-Michel Massé, Doctor of Dental Medicine

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Buying a clinic
or its goodwill

Financing a renovation
or upgrade project