Financing a renovation
or upgrade project


Ready for a new phase of growth?

Whether it’s a loan or a lease, we know we’ll be the best financial partner to help you grow. Make it quick and easy for yourself—let MediCapital worry about finding the best financing source. Instead you can spend valuable time with your family and friends or indulge in your favorite hobbies, rather than monitoring your business or going over financing with your banker.

Take advantage of our delayed payments at the beginning of the lease (capital and interest) to complete your project. You don’t pay until you start getting a return on your investments. With delayed payments, you don’t have to wait until the financing ends to start a new project.

We’re proud of what sets us apart. That’s why at MediCapital, we won’t take any additional collateral, even on a major investment. Your bank might offer you a better rate, but at what price? Our offer is unbeatable. Why would you put up all your assets as collateral just to get 1% off on your financing?

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