Financing Healthcare Professionals

At MediCapital, our job is to support your business strategy by providing you with custom financing. And we’ve been doing it for 35 years.

Is the healthcare sector your specialty? Our specialty is offering you the best financing to buy equipment, renovate your clinic, or buy all or part of an existing clinic. Our financing offers are simple, affordable, and effective.

Make your dreams a reality and let us help your business grow and be financially healthy and successful.

Your financial needs guide our daily operations

Whether you’re a doctor, private practice surgeon, chiropractor, ophthalmologist, dentist, physiotherapist, podiatrist, or veterinarian, we can help you find the financing and equipment that’s right for you. Or even better! We will help you stay focused on your practice or spend more time with your family, all while watching your practice grow.

“Thanks to MediCapital, I get to spend more time on my favorite sport and less time filling out paperwork!”
Jean-Michel Massé, Doctor of Dental Medicine

Would you rather spend five minutes with MediCapital or five hours with some financial institution?

MediCapital is unique in Canada

MediCapital is the only financial partner in Canada that is dedicated exclusively to financial services for healthcare professionals.

With our expertise and know-how, we can offer you attractive and original financing structures you won’t find anywhere else.

What would you say to never having to pay when your clinic is closed for the holidays? With MediCapital, it’s possible. We’ll adapt to changes in your cash flow.



MediCapital provides tailored healthcare financing for healthcare professionals and clinic owners in Canada.


Continue being THE partner healthcare professionals turn to for help in financing their equipment purchases, expansion projects, and clinic acquisitions.

Over the years, we have perfected our role as a strategic advisor to our customers through the valuable relationships we have built with members of our extensive network.

We can help you advance professionally today by relieving the pressure of financing your facilities and equipment yourself.


David et Alain

From the beginning, MediCapital has really focused on developing an understanding of the healthcare sector. While at MediDent in the 1970s and 1980s, the former president of MediCapital, Alain Turgeon, helped many dentists, chiropractors, veterinarians, podiatrists, and optometrists start their practices and buy equipment.

In 1996, a major dental supplier partnered with MediCapital to finance its customers from coast to coast. This partnership generated significant growth for the company.

With the arrival of the current president and CEO, David Turgeon in 2007, serving eye care professionals, veterinarians, chiropractors, and private practice doctors became a priority.

Since July 2014, David Turgeon has been the sole shareholder of the company and he is deeply passionate about his business, his team, and their success.

MediCapital has been named the most used non-banking business by the Dental Industry Association of Canada.

Our Team

Our experienced team will work with you to draft the financing plan that’s right for you and will help your business grow.

Our deep understanding of healthcare and the financial industry is our strength.

Meet our team members:
Expert en financement au Québec - David Turgeon
David Turgeon


Position available

Head of the British Columbia and Alberta branches

Please contact our office in Montreal:

Tel.: 1 800 363-2891

Conseillère en financement d'équipement médical - Audrée Gareau-Léonard
Audrée Gareau-Léonard

Head of the Montreal and Quebec City branches

After completing a graduate degree in management, Audrée worked for a group of 16 clinics. That professional experience taught her how clinics operate in the real world. Since joining the MediCapital team four years ago, she’s made her mark with her knowledge of the industry and dedication to our clients in the Quebec City region.

Position available
Head of the Montreal et Ottawa branches

Please contact our office in Montreal:

Tel.: 1 800 363-2891

Position available

Head of the Ontario branches

Please contact our office in Montreal:

Tel.: 1 800 363-2891