Financing services to
Health professionals


Over the years, we’ve noticed that all successful businesses have two things in common:

  1. They make regular investments to optimize their products and services so their offer is more comprehensive and stays competitive.
  2. They surround themselves with qualified people, strong leaders, good employees, and the right partners (accountants, bankers, financial planes, and financing companies).
MediCapital will help your business succeed

We will help you finance your investments and grow your practice.

Loans and leases are much more that just financial products—they need to be analyzed for each of your investments based on your business’ strategy and structure.

By diversifying your loan sources and financing, you will be less reliant on your banker. This strategy will protect your practice from the vulnerability that comes with centralizing all your loans at the same financial institution.

Our services can help you advance professionally today by relieving the pressure of financing your facilities and equipment yourself. You will also get to enjoy the tax benefits related to our products.

Start building your future with MediCapital today!

We offer a lot more than financing at attractive rates. We also provide you with personalized care and guidance at every step of the transaction.

Custom Services
  • Start your practice
  • Acquire a practice or existing customer base
  • Buy the equipment you need
  • Expand or upgrade your space
Concrete Benefits
  • Reduce financial constraints
  • Lower the net cost of acquisition
  • Fixed rate financing
  • Financing at 100%
  • Lower taxes
  • No additional fees
  • Pay taxes in monthly instalments rather than 100% at purchase
Not to Mention
  • Peace of mind
  • Professional service
  • Follow-through on commitments
When you work with MediCapital, you get:
  • A simple process
  • Quick and easy approval
  • 100% financing
  • Payment structures tailored to your needs (e.g., no payments during holidays, delayed down payment, progress payments, etc.)
  • Unparalleled customer service and personalized advice
  • No additional collateral
  • No file setup fee


Buying a clinic
or its goodwill

a practice

Financing a renovation
or upgrade project