Today, the respect of the environment is everyone’s concern!
Whether it’s by your daily actions in your private life, it’s also very important to continue these actions at work. It’s already done for years by most of the dentists which try to have practice more respectful of the environment.

Here are few actions to go « GREEN »:

Energy saving: forget the electric « stand-by », turn off all of your devices when it’s time to leave your practice.

Forget the paper! Except for prescriptions, patients’s folders must be digitalized

Water saving: use hydroalcoholic solutions for your hygiene and saliva aspirator to limit water use.

Go digital: for the creation of dental implants

Use BIO cleaning products: choose cleaning and disinfectants products which are not dangerous for the water and aquatic environments.

Disposable clothing: Switch your washable clothes by disposable protections

Being eco-responsible is also teaching others and sensitized them about it with simply actions in your practice:

  • Convince them to use public transportation to come to your practice
  • Waste separation must be done in the waiting room
  • Sensitize them to not let the water runs while brushing teeth
  • Inform your patients that you’ve installed two flushes to save water in the toilet.

Whether you are a dentist and a patient, follow these simple daily actions, they will be beneficial for your practice and the planet.


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