The Dental Industry Association of Canada (DIAC) published the results of the 21st annual future of dentistry survey report*. Many canadian dentists replied, allowing the DIAC to draw a portrait of the canadian dentists in 2017.

Here is an account of the results:

2017 Dentists profile

  • Among those surveyed, 90% work in general dentistry and 10% are specialists.
  • 59% work alone, 36% are part of a group practice, and 4% in corporate dentistry.

Owner vs associate

  •  72% of those surveyed own their practice, a little less than the previous two years (2016: 77%, 2015: 79%). The part of dentists becoming owners start to increase from 4 years of experience (61% of the dentists with a 4 to 9 years of experience are owners). 81% of the dentists with a 10 years experience and more own their practice.
  • There are more practice owners in Quebec (71%) and in the Western provinces (75%) than any other regions (Atlantic : 29% and Ontario : 29%).

Dentists in practice

  • The number of practices with 5 dentists or more in 2017 was 13%, a big increase considering 2016 was 3.4%, and previous years averaging 6.3%.
  • There are also more operatorie rooms per practice. 72% of Dentists work in a practice with 4 operatories rooms or more.
  • The average number of patients treated per day: 53% of Dentists treat between 6 and 10 patients per day. This number decreased compared to previous years. An average of 12.5 patients  the previous 10 years.

Dentists and funding

44% of those surveyed have already considered leasing as an option for the financing of their equipment and/or practice. A drop compared to 2016 where 61.1% considered leasing as a method of Financing. This drop may be due to the increase in Associates, as they are not the ones who make Financing decisions.

*21st annual future of Dentistry survey report of the Dental Industry Association of Canada