You just got a lease with MediCapital for the purchase of your equipment or your practice?

Or you still don’t know if you should get a loan instead?

Find out more about the Lease tax benefits:

It’s not recorded on your company balance sheet

The lease is a rent and viewed as a business expense of long-term debt. The « rented » property won’t appear in your balance sheet but only in your company’s expenses off-balance sheet. Having little debt on your balance sheet helps you secure financing to fund your business or other investments.

100% deductible monthly payments

Monthly payments are for equipment rental. In that case, each rent is an operating expense 100% tax deductible.

Financial stability

Thanks to its fixed rate, it allows a stability in your debt portfolio. Some of our clients financial tools are used with a variable rate that can rise up at anytime (“canadian interest rates hike“).


The Lease can be structured and provide tailored healthcare financing to maximize tax earnings at better time. Indeed most of them will start with high monthly payments whether others won’t have any payment until the next fiscal year. Another example, clinics are closed on January 1st and July 1st, so some of our clients ask for no payment at these dates.


Banks often ask for the clients’s assets (investment, equity on real estate, bank accounts)… In contrary the loan provided by the banks, the goods included in the funding are in guarantee by the lending company.

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