The development of social media and « free speech » on the internet allow everyone to watch what it’s said on each other and its practice. As an healthcare professional you are all the more concerned! Today more and more patients choose on the internet, an healthcare professional which matches best with their needs. So managing its online reputation or its « e-reputation » became fundamental for the image of a company and the attraction of patients.

What is the « e-reputation »?

There are two ideas:

  • The first one is the perception and the judgement of the internet users about the professional and his practice based on contents published on the internet (articles or blogs comments, social media, forums…).
  • The second one is the « real » image of your practice through the reviews left by patients in the internet.

How to manage your e-reputation

Patients’s online reviews became a real trend. Some websites are even specialized with testimonials about successful consultations or not, allowing the internet users to get an opinion and choose a healthcare professional that match with its needs. Bad reviews can have a huge influence on your bottom line, so monitoring is the key!

To watch what people says about you, you can sometimes « google » your name or your practice, study reviews left on websites like Yelp, RateMDs, or the comments on Facebook or twitter and moderate by communicating with the internet users.

What do people talk about online ?

Thanks to a good « patient experience » in your practice you will be able to get good reviews for your « e-reputation ».

To be sure to get good comments, here are the main topics the internet users talk about:

  • The healthcare professional personnality
  • The consultation
  • The healthcare professional’s skills

Healthcare professionals are more and more connected to get a better visibility and attract new customers. This digital surexpositioncan have either a positive or negative effect for your practice. Negative comments are often more difficult to make disappear on the internet, a good communication with patients and a good « patient experience » in your practice will affect positively your « e-reputation ».

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