You want to get a lease with MediCapital to buy new equipment for your practice or to make renovations?

You met one of our financial consultant? The next step is to fill out your credit application and wait for your project to succeed.

To be sure to get your application approved, make sure to fill it out following these advices:

  1. Be specific

Be sure to not leave a blank space in your application. A lack of information could delayed or decline your application. Also be specific and make sure to give as many details as you can, that will increase your chances to be approved.

  1. Inform your financial history

Inform precisely your credit history and your ongoing credit payments, a clear information will make your application approval easier.

  1. Manage your antecedents

In the past you had to deal with a decreased activity of your practice or credit issues? Make sure to manage these problems in a responsible way before asking for a new credit application.

If you are now ready to send us your credit application, fill online your financing request and one of our consultant will reply within 24hours.

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