You have a new project and you’d like to free some cash for its funding? Refinancing might be a solution.

Many reasons can make you consider refinancing: getting money available, going through a sales fluctuation, launching a new product sale or invest in a new project…

When is refinancing interesting to consider?

1- New projects

Refinancing your equipment can strengthen your working capital, which could be used for new products (recruitment of a new employee, new website, marketing…).

2- Practice activity fluctuations

You may go through a seasonal decline of your activity that makes your practice activity more difficult (dentist leave, finances difficulties…). Refinancing your equipment can be a good way to free some cash and get out of this diffcult period.

3- Higher demand

Your practice is going through an expansion of its activiy and also of its demand, but you don’t have enough stocks to reply to its demand? Refinancing will generate cash-flow to buy the stocks you need.

How to do refinancing?

Refinancing is an easy and quick procedure done by your dental supplier:

  • Goods & equipments evaluation
  • Give him the original invoices
  • Prove him that the refund of your equipment is over if your equipment was financed.

You want to use a lease for your equipment refinancing? The MediCapital team is here to help you!

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