Working in the same dental practice every day for years can make you forget about the environment your work in and the idea of rethinking its decoration and/or its rearrangement. For numerous persons, the idea of going at the dentist reveals anxiety and nervousness. Welcoming them in a reassuring environment, confortable and protective must also be part of your loyalty strategy.

A modern well arranged dental practice will be more than just a simple workplace. Working in a place where you feel good will have more earnings on your productivity and will be more effective on your patients’s confident regarding yourself. Long terms economical benefits not to be missed!

Here you’ll find advises for an care environment which will gather equipment, ergonomics and a nice and warm design for patients to relax.

Practice ergonomical tips:

Your practice, equipments and softwares must fit with the ergonomicals criterias to make your movements easier, but also to help you not to waste your time because of useless handlings. You can rethink the rearrangement of your consultation, sterilization or radiology rooms or your office but also your medical equipment and ustensils which will improve for sure your well-being and your productivity!

The color influence in your practice design

Many studies have proved that colors have an influence on moods. Here some tips that will help you choosing the one that fits you better:

  • Red, orange and yellow: warm colors that stimulate, give energy, encourage your activity, give you courage and help you fight against depression and sadness.
  • Green, blue and purple: cold colors which inspire tranquility, encourage to relax and calm the spirit.
  • White and beige: neutral and cold colors which symbolize purity and simplicity. They have no effect on moods but help to concentrate.
  • Black and grey give more a feeling of warmest than freshness. The grey gives the idea of respect, professionalism and serious while black inspires protection, reassurance but also mystery.

MediCapital - Financing renovation in healthcare industry

Rethink your pratice with small readjustments through a simple color change or by a most important like the rearrangement of your rooms with an investment which will be as beneficial for your well-being than your patients’s.

Why choosing MediCapital to support you

If your investments need a financement, Medicapital can help you in your renovation or expansion projects. With our loans leases programs, we offer a lot more than financing at attractive rates. We also provide you with personalized care and guidance to help you advance professionally.

Feel free to contact one of our financing consultant from Medicapital to talk about it.

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