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You want to own your dental practice and you’re looking for the best way to finance it?

There are a lot of details to manage with a startup project, including clinic design, architecture, legal concerns, dental equipment purchases and hiring that will implied a financial plan implementation. The goal is to ensure your company a growth and investments in dental equipments without losing money.

MediCapital finances your practice success

MediCapital is the only financial partner in Canada that is dedicated to financial services for dentists. Our role is to support your business strategy for the purchase of dental equipments or for your practice growth.
Our services can help you advance professionally today by relieving the pressure of financing your facilities and equipments yourself. You will also get to enjoy the tax benefits related to our products.

Take advantage of our financial benefits

Specialized in the healthcare sector, we also provide you with personalized care and guidance at every step of the transaction. Take advantage of our tailored services and benefits to increase your company chances of success.

Financement de pratique dentaire au Québec

Medicapital benefits

  • Reduce financial constraints
  • Lower the net cost of acquisition
  • Fixed rate financing
  • Financing at 100%
  • Lower taxes
  • No additional fees
  • Pay taxes in monthly instalments rather than 100% at purchase

When you work with MediCapital,
you get :

  • A simple process
  • Quick and easy approval
  • 100% financing
  • Payment structures tailored to your needs (e.g., no payments during holidays, delayed down payment, progress payments, etc.)
  • Unparalleled customer service and personalized advice
  • No additional collateral
  • No file setup fee

The steps of your funding

Step 1 : During your first appointement with one of our financial consultant, you’ll study together your needs to implement a tailored financial plan.

Step 2 : You’ll have to fill out the credit application. You will receive an answer within 24 hours.

Step 3 : Once it’s approved, you will receive your approval letter.

Step 4 : Then your financial consultant gets in touch with the suppliers and the vendors involved in your project.

Step 5 : Once all these steps done, you can enjoy your brand new state-of-the-art dental equipment without slowing down your practice development.

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