With more than 467 millions subscribers in 2016, LinkedIn became THE largest social media in the world dedicated to professionals. With the emerge of internet and the social media, the marketing ways changed and goes now further than the « classic » ways.

First step : create a LinkedIn profil for your medical practice

Now every company needs to go digital. As an healthcare professional but also a practice owner, it will be wise to use this visibility on internet with a professional profile describing your experience and recognitions, linked to a professional page dedicated to your practice activity. This professional page is an additional digital showcase allowing you to describe your practice, to indicate practical information (website link, expertise, business size, location…). You can also relay news about your company or relevant medical news that might interest your network.

Second step : strengthen your reputation & network

Even if LinkedIn is dedicated to « Business to business » relations, it can also be very efficient in the « business-patient » relationships. By interacting for example in professional groups specialized in your profession you can exchange with other professionals but also develop your notoriety upon others by bringing your expertise. By connecting to groups dedicated to your profession, you’ll also be able to know the latest technologies advancements. Finally it’s a good mean to get to be known from your pairs and increase your notoriety.

All of these actions will have as consequence to redirect professionals or prospects to your website and in the best scenario to meet them in real in your practice.

Going further by “boosting” your presence

If you think that you don’t have enough results, you can  « boost » your presence on the social media by advertising :

  • Conventional and sponsored advertisings. Your ad is displayed on users’ LinkedIn profiles and home pages (similar to Facebook ads) with a link to your LinkedIn page and your website.
  • Target advertising: based on prospective patients and their interests as shown on their LinkedIn profiles. You can refine your promotional campaign by focusing on aspects such as age, gender, and location…

If you think this social media is a good tool for your marketing strategy and you take the time to use it, you might get benefits from it : your reputation will improve and also the attraction of new patients! Do the test!

Do you want to see an exemple of a Linked professional page? Have a look at MediCapital’s own !

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