As a practice owner or an other kind of buisness, you have to play different roles and being everywhere at the same time. Taking care of your patients, manage your employees while making profits and developing your practice within an increasing competition, it’s sometimes a hard job! Take time to step back and evaluate what needs to be improved in your practice for better results.

Below you’ll find different management domains to reassess within your practice and increase its efficiency and productivity:

  1. Staff: Recruiting qualified, passionate employees and happy to work in your practice, will make the difference for you and your patients (link article). Manage, motivate but also train your staff is the key of the productivity and the efficiency of a company.
  2. Patients’s treatment: By giving quality care, it’s important to create a confident relationship with your patients. Five minutes of a meaningful, sincere and honest conversation is worth more than 30 minutes of superficial « chitchat ».
  3. Finances: A good accounting management handled by a qualified person, from the invoices payments, an updated insurance to the office payrolls, will allow you to save time in the management of your practice.
  4. Quality control: Analyze, evaluate and correct your employees’s daily administrative tasks, study what works or not and find improvements ways for a better productivity.

In complement, new customers’s acquisition and retention might also increase your net profits. The « word to mouth » is the famous way to getting known in the healthcare sector.

But today with the social media emergence, a digital presence with a good « e-reputation » will allow you to be known quickly, to attract new clients and improve your practice’s net profit.

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