More and more veterinarians now offer a personnalized mobile application to the pet owners’s clients. Through their app, they can easily access at anytime to their veterinary clinic and to their animal’s medical records.

According to a study of the Colorado State University interviewing 610 petowners, the results showed that :

  • More than half preferred an app to a phone for making appointements, checking clinic hours, looking for veterinary information and accessing medical information.
  • Companies which already have an app succeeded at getting at least 30% of any practice’s clients to download their respective app (which is higher than other communication tool).
  • Communications sent through apps are four times more lokely to be read by clients than communications sent by email.

New communication tool for veterinarians, a personnalized mobile application make easier the relation between the veterinarian practice and petowners. Thanks to them, they can access to their pet’s medical records, renew their medication prescriptions and make appointements.

It’s also a good marketing tool for the veterinarian who wish to attract new clients, they can for example offer specials or coupons for a free exam. The app will also allow them to reach out to all clients who own a specific dog race with a targeted message for example.

Ten years ago a company website was a communication tool not to missed, five years ago it was the Facebook page, today it seemed that the mobile presence is now essential to improve your client experience.

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