From November 13th to 19th the digital health week took place in Canada. A good way to to have a look of the digital use in the health sector and the perception of the patients and the healthcare professionals in Canada about it.

The technology advancements and the use of digital take a part more in more important in our lives. Today it’s barely impossible to think about a day without our smartphone or other digital applications that we daily use. A trend that the health sector couldn’t escaped. As an healthcare professional, you’ve already been « digitalized » with new working methods using your new high-tech equipments but also with theinfluence of patients who are more and more connected and prefer now to have their files digitalized.

Digital health for the canadians

A study conducted by « Canada Health Infoway » in 2016 shows that most of the canadians want their health files to get digitalized. Since two years, more and more canadians want to have access to their health information through a digitalized file. Time saving, better quality care or better visibility in their medical file, few patients examples for whom the digital health has positive effects for their health:

Which reasons, canadiens use the digital for?

  • Make an appointement (22%)*
  • Renew a prescription (22%)*
  • Consult a doctor online (14%)*
  • Consult information about their health (20%)*

Benefits of the digitalization for the canadians’s health:

  • Allow healthcare professionals to get a complete report on the history and the antecedants of the patients (meds, allergies…)
  • Get the information easier between patients and healthcare professionals
  • Keep all the patient medical history on electronic device
  • Better understanding of the health state
  • Better communication with the healthcare professional

Digital health for the healthcare professional

Getting closer with your patients, better communication and a quick access to their medical file, are some benefits for the healthcare professionals and their relation with their patients.

Benefits of the digitalization for the healthcare professionals:

  • Quick access to the information of the health of his patients
  • Better communication with the patient
  • Better quality care
  • Less redundant exams
  • Better patient information management
  • Better education and pedagogy with the patient on his health
  • Time saving

And you, where are you in your digital transition? Is your practice digitalized?

*Study « Connecting patients for better health », 2016, Canada Health Infoway »

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